Date : 8 Dec 2016- 12 Dec 2016
District : Jammu, Jammu and Kashmir
No of Participants – 31
Resource Person : Mr. M.S. Marwaha, Mr. Mukul Rathi
Technical Assistant : Mr. Atul Kumar, Mr. Ritik Kumar
Day 1 - 08/12/2016

The workshop started with the introduction session of the participants and resource persons. Motive of the workshop was discussed. 13 of the participants were of medical line who have studied physics only till class 12th.
Mechanics pre-test was organized. Only 20-30% of the test questions were attempted by participants.
Demo-1 (mechanics) was performed.
After evaluation of Pre test during the lunch time, it was discussed with fundamentals of mathematics and unit conversion. Numerical problems on mechanics were distributed as home work. With the day ended.

Day 2 - 09/12/2016

Hands on for Demo-1 was organized in the lab. Participants tried all the Demo-1 experiments and filled their work sheets. This was much enjoying session as most of them were doing such experiments for the first time.
Pre test for Optics was organized. Attempted questions by most participants were 20-30%.


Optics experiments were demonstrated in a session and the corresponding hands on experiments were performed by the participants. The day ended with extended experiments, collection of numericals on Mechanics and distribution of numerical on optics.

Day 3 - 10/12/2016

First two sessions were dedicated to Optics pre test discussion and numerical discussion for Mechanics. As most of the participants had not attempted the numericals, the same numerical sheet were again given to them as homework after these problems were discussed.
Pre test for EM was organized


Experiments on Electricity and Magnetism were demonstrated and the corresponding hands on experiments were performed by the participants. The day ended with extended experiments and collection of solved numerical on optics.
Only 2 participants attempted optics numericals.

Day 4 - 11/12/2016

EM Pre test was discussed. A session on graph was given by Mr. Mineesh Gulati.


Demo-4 was organized with activity of Cartesian diver performed by all the participants with the bottles and divers provided. Everyone enjoyed this as they themselves made an equipment that was working.
Numericals of optics were discussed.
The day ended with extended experiments and EM numericals distribution.

Day 5 - 12/12/2016

EM Numerical homework problems were discussed. 
Only 1 participant gave presentation. 
More Experiments were demonstrated. 
And with the feedback session, Workshop concluded.

Observation by Resource Persons

  1. 1.  While coming for the workshop, participants were not aware about the type and nature of workshop.
    Thus, they had not revised their syllabus and were not mentally prepared for the work schedule of the workshop.
  2. 2.  Pre-test performance gave us fairy good idea of their understanding. Most participants attempted 2 or so questions. The special session on graphs by Mr. Mineesh Gulati session really helped.
  3. 3. Most of the numerical problems were not attempted. Some of the participants accepted that they have never tried numericals. Unit conversion was a major problem while discussing numericals. But after our discussion they found numerical solving a good excercise.
  4. 4. Participants were encouraged to ask their difficulties from their syllabus on 4th day.  Except one or two, majority did not have questions.
  5. 5. Only 1 participant out of 31 volunteered for the last day session on “Presentation by participants”. Perhaps the hesitation of presenting before teachers and resource persons was still there.
  6. 6. Hands on was done enthusiastically.  Work book was used and filled. This is a strong point they can be encouraged to do experiments and make their classes more lively.
  7. 7. Extended experiments were also done satisfactorily.

Participants feedback

  1. 1. Hands on experience was first for the majority and was the best experience.
  2. 2. Academic part was above the requir level. Though they agreed, this much level has to be attained by them so that they are comfortable in teaching up to class 10th.

Resource Person Suggestions

  1. 1. Participants must be informed well in advance about the nature of workshop so that they come prepared
  2. 2. Participants must be either PG Physics or Physics Teachers.
  3. 3. Participants should carry their syllabus books with themselves.
  4. 4. Every day report may be prepared by selected participants which will include what were the sessions and their learning per day.
  5. 5. Graphs and unit conversion must be discussed.
  6. 6. Additional activity demonstrated by Dr. B.N. Das on image formation on cardboard with straw is very useful and should be done in all workshops.
  7. 7. Stay arrangement is recommended for participants too so that they can adhare to the timings of the workshop.

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