Date : 12 Jan 2017– 16 Jan 2017
District : Doda, Jammu and Kashmir
No of Participants : 23
Resource Person : Mr. Amit  Bajpai, Mr. Mukul Rathi
Technical Assistant : Mr. Atul Kumar, Mr. Arun Sharma
Resource Persons Observation-

  1. 1. Total 23 Participants participated ,  2 participants joined us on 2nd day. 
  2. 2. No participant was absent in any of the sessions in the workshop. 
  3. 3. Pre test attempt was below average
  4. 4. Pre test discussion was stretched so that most of the academic part can be covered within questions. Pre test questions were related to physical demonstrations so that a connection was established between the answer and physical phenomenon related.
  5. 5. Graphs were not drawn and questions related to graphs was usually not attempted. A special lecture on graph plotting is must with discussion of slopes and how graphs are inter related ( for example - displacement vs time,  velocity vs time, acceleration vs time. Graphs for the same motion relate with each other)
  6. 6. Numericals were attempted by majority. Every day some sample problems were discussed and after that numericals were distributed. Due to first day session on units and conversion,  very few mistakes were observed on units. While discussing numericals, emphasis on Answer of numerical and relation with demonstrations and physical significance of numericals were discussed.
  7. 7. Optics activity on image formation by straws was prepared in front of participants.
  8. 8. Hands on experience was first for majority. Workbook was properly used. Purpose of each and every demonstration was cleared. (why we are doing this during first hands on was a question)
  9. 9. Extended experiments were performed satisfactorily. Again, emphasis was given that every participant could understand the experiment and its purpose. 
  10. 10.Workbook was distributed with the kit so that kit can be easily used.
  11. 11.During hands on,  each resource person was available to ensure concepts behind each experiment could be cleared to individual teachers.
  12. 12.A whatsapp group has been created with resource persons as well as participants as members so that further learnings and doing can be shared and time to time motivations can be provided.

Participants Feedback-

  1. 1. Hands on experience was first for majority.
  2. 2. The overall connectivity in physics between theoretical portion,  numerical portion and demonstration was felt and applauded.

Resource Person Suggestions

  1. 1. Participants must be informed well in advance so that they are mentally prepared for a packed schedule and variety of learning
  2. 2. Final answer to each and every question in pretest and numericals must be discussed clearly. 
  3. 3. Participants recommended for next workshop.
        (i). Md. Ashrif     (ii). Mr Ranjit Kumar     (iii). Mr Dushyant Kumar

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