Where did the Coin come from?

Refraction of light shows up in many ways in daily life. When light traveling in one medium falls on the surface separating it from another ....... Read more..

Which direction has the Cap shifted?

The textbook formula of real depth /apparent depth = refractive constant suggests that the image of the object placed at the . .....Read more..

Pin hole camera

Just let the light from an object go through a small hole in a card and on the other side you can pick up a real image on a screen. Make the simple pin ..... Read more..

Light DOES NOT travel in straight lines

We all know that in a homogeneous medium, light travels in straight lines. There is a very easy way to make an inhomogeneous ......... Read more..

How spectacles help in seeing

Human eye has various transparent parts which may be thought of a convex lens of some focal length which can be changed little bit while ....... Read more..

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