How Much is 1 Newton?

Newton is the SI unit of force. Though we use this unit from Std 8 on wards and spends years after year with this, a feel of how strong a newton is, is not developed. ....... Read more..

Newton's 3rd law with Ring Nagnets

A common statement for Newton’s 3rd law reads as “for every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction”. The important part which is generally missed out is that . .....Read more..

Pull the Paper under the Tumbler

Newton’s three law of motion are taught in school from quite early times. Though students know the statements of the three laws but when it comes to application, quite often ..... Read more..

Push Water in a pair of connected Syringes

This simple experiment is often taken as an example of Pascal’s law of transmission of Pressure or a demonstration of Force = Pressure x area.......... Read more..

The Fun of Three Bottles

Pressure of atmosphere is all pervading in our surrounding. Also it shows up in various ways. Liquid columns have their own pressure. While atmospheric pressure is almost uniform ....... Read more..

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