How to Slow Rotating Conducting Disk?

A conductor is placed in a varying magnetic foiled or it moves under a magnetic field, emf is induced. If there are conducting paths ....... Read more..

Diamagnet or Paramagnet

Magnets attract iron clips, pins, nails etc very strongly. This is because iron is a ferromagnetic material. There are certain materials in which .....Read more..

How to balance a Pencil on its tip using Magnets?

Magnets have been fascinating objects for people of all age groups. Like poles repel and unlike poles attract. That is the first lesson that we learn ..... Read more..

Familiarity with Solar Panel

Solar Energy is the most important and viable alternative source of energy. The unit to convert solar energy into electricity is the Solar Panel. ......... Read more..

Circuits with aata (ground wheat) dove

Electric circuits are made with elements like resistances, bulbs, batteries etc. One needs connecting wires to connect the circuits. What about ...... Read more..

Glow the CFL by a Balloon

CFL is like a tube used in houses for lighting. It has mostly Argon gas with a small amount of mercury. When it is given 220V AC, electrons........ Read more..

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