Introduction :

Solar Energy is the most important and viable alternative source of energy. The unit to convert solar energy into electricity is the Solar Panel. It is a combination of smaller units to give proper voltage and current rating. The purpose of this session is to get familiar with the operations of solar panel.

Keywords :

Solar Panel, Series and Parallel connections.

Equipment :

Two Solar Panels, A light Source, Multimeter


  1. Direct the panel towards the light source in the room. Connect the panel to multimeter in DC voltmeter mode. See the voltage
  2. Play with putting your hand between the panel and the light source and see how the voltage output change.
  3. Change the orientation of the panel so that light falls on it obliquely. See how the voltage changes.
  4. Put light from your mobile, torch or other sources on the panel and see the output.
  5. Connect the panel to LED and see if it glows. What happens to the voltage when the current is drawn
  6. Put two panels side by side and measure their voltage outputs. Without changing the geometry, connect them in parallel and measure voltage output.
  7. Connect the two panels in series and see the voltage output.

Discussion :

Solar panels convert light into electricity. The efficiency of conversion for a given panel depends on the wavelength of the light falling on it. The present panels are designed to be most efficient for visible energy range. The difference between the shade and the Sun is only in the intensity of light. Larger the intensity, more will be voltage output.

Hazard :